Fine Art


Artist Statement
From a young age, I developed an appreciation for nature and the outdoors. Visiting the various state parks in Minnesota, I was taught to leave only footprints and take only photographs. This led me to fall in love with photography, and those memories became inspiration for many of my paintings.
My paintings are made from wax and natural materials, including dirt, grass, rocks, branches, and ash. Through these mediums, I recreate landscapes and abstract representations of nature. I strive to imitate the beauty found in the natural world and give the viewer a sense of being isolated in nature using texture, color, and perspective.
I use wax in my work because I enjoy the technical process, as well as the creative possibilities. I start by melting down paraffin or soy wax, then adding crayons to get my desired color. I also experiment with new ways of applying the wax and mixing different natural materials into each piece.
Artists who inspire me include Anselm Kiefer and Vincent Van Gough. I love how Van Gough used colors to express his moods and how Kiefer incorporates natural materials into his work. Their unique and combined styles for painting landscapes inspired me to develop an artistic style of my own.
For me nothing compares to being isolated in nature, which is where my desire to create stems from. All my senses are heightened and I can forget about everything. I don’t just feel the wind, for example; I see and hear it rustling through the leaves in the trees.
Whether a wide open field or a dense forest, I want to share how I feel when I’m surrounded by the natural world. I want to express these feelings of freedom, peacefulness, and happiness through my paintings. I want the viewer to be at peace, if only just for a moment, while looking at my work.
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